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    Twitter Facebook LinkedIn 27 Jan Donning a mask boosts protection from respiratory illnesses such as influenza, UNSW research has found, but convincing a reluctant public is proving a struggle. Donning a face mask is an easy way to boost protection from respiratory illnesses such as influenza and the common cold, new research from the University of New South Wales UNSW has found, but convincing a reluctant public and health workers emerging infectious diseases proving a struggle.

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    The findings - published this week in Emerging Infectious Diseases, the journal of the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention - have global implications and are particularly relevant to efforts to combat the spread of flu pandemics and other emerging respiratory diseases such as SARS.

    While some governments are already stockpiling masks for use in emergencies, Professor MacIntyre said these guidelines had been implemented without evidence to support them.

    Masks play an important role in reducing transmission if they are worn properly.

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    Commissioned and funded by the Australian Department of Health and Ageing in response to an urgent policy need, the study is the first randomised controlled clinical trial of masks to be conducted internationally. Professor MacIntyre said a drawback was participants' low compliance, with fewer than half reporting having worn the masks often or always.

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    However, adherence to preventative measures is known to vary depending on perception of risk and would be expected to increase during a pandemic. The next pressing research question is the value of the use of masks among health care workers.

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    Preliminary work in Australia in showed very low acceptance of and compliance with mask use by hospital doctors and nurses.